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Potters BALLOTINIĀ® glass bead blasting media consists of microspheres, which serve as functional additives in industrial applications such as weight-reducing fillers in plastics, polymers, and automotive body putties, as extenders in adhesives and paints/coating formulations, sensitizers in industrial explosives, electromagnetic shielding, for electronic parts, and abrasive applications for cleaning and peening metal surfaces. Rapid Results: Clean, finish, peen and deburr in one step.

Controlled Results: Clean finish without significant metal removal or changing tolerances

Versatile: Create a wide range of reproducible surface finishes

Economical: Can be recycled/reused many times

Chemically Inert: No ferrous or other residues

Industry leader: Over 90 years experience

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Product Description

High-Quality Glass Beads for Every Blasting Project

Our glass blasting beads are made from high-grade materials, ensuring uniform size and shape for the most efficient and effective surface treatment. These beads are perfect for a wide range of applications, including cleaning, finishing, deburring, and peening operations. Suitable for use in both industrial and creative settings, our glass beads will help you achieve the perfect finish every time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uniformity: Each batch is meticulously screened to ensure uniform size and shape, providing consistent performance and finish quality.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a variety of applications, from automotive restoration to fine art creation. Ours are gentle yet effective, making them suitable for both aggressive cleaning and delicate surface finishing.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from non-toxic, inert materials, they are an environmentally friendly choice for surface finishing processes.
  • Surface Integrity: Unlike harsher abrasives, our glass blasting beads clean and finish without damaging the underlying material, preserving the integrity of your workpiece.


Our glass blasting beads are versatile enough to be used across various industries and applications, including:

  • Automotive restoration and detailing
  • Metal fabrication and welding cleanup
  • Aerospace component maintenance
  • Artistic glasswork and sculpture finishing
  • Medical equipment cleaning and preparation

Glass blasting beads compared to other sandblasting media

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A (20-30) 10 LBS., A (20-30) 25 LBS., AA (40-70) 10 LBS., AA (40-70) 25 LBS., AB (50-80) 10 LBS., AB (50-80) 25 LBS., AD (70-140) 10 LBS., AD (70-140) 25 LBS., AE (100-170) 10 LBS., AE (100-170) 25 LBS., AF (100-200) 10 LBS., AF (100-200) 25 LBS., AG (120-270) 10 LBS., AG (120-270) 25 LBS., AH (170-325) 10 LBS., AH (170-325) 25 LBS., AQ (325 & Finer) 10 LBS., AQ (325 & Finer) 25 LBS., C (40-60) 10 LBS., C (40-60) 25 LBS.