Kennametal XL Performance Sandblast Nozzle


The XL Performance sandblast nozzles increase abrasive particle velocity, resulting in improved production rates and efficiencies. The XL Performance nozzles will utilize the same air (CFM) requirements as our standard long venturi products for the same given bore size, resulting in lower compressed air operating costs per square foot / meter. These products are produced in our popular lightweight BP200 SiAlON material, helping minimize nozzle weight and overall operator fatigue. Nozzles have Aluminum Jacket and Aluminum Threads

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Maximize your sandblasting efficiency with the Kennametal XL Performance Sandblast Nozzle, a top-tier choice for professionals seeking durability and precision. Engineered by industry leader Kennametal, this blast nozzle is designed to optimize abrasive velocity, ensuring a cleaner, faster, and more uniform surface treatment.

Crafted from premium tungsten carbide, the XL Performance Nozzle offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal for prolonged use in even the most challenging environments. Its innovative design minimizes air and abrasive consumption, reducing operating costs while enhancing performance. Perfect for a range of applications, from automotive restoration to heavy machinery maintenance, the Kennametal XL Performance Sandblast Nozzle sets the standard for quality and effectiveness in surface preparation technology.

Key Features of Kennametal XL Performance Sandblast Nozzle:

  • Enhanced Durability: Made from high-grade tungsten carbide, renowned for its hardness and resilience, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Optimized Efficiency: Designed to maximize abrasive velocity for faster, more effective cleaning and surface preparation.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces consumption of air and abrasive materials, lowering operational costs and improving overall efficiency.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for various tasks including rust removal, paint preparation, and cleaning of metal and stone surfaces.
  • Improved Performance: Engineered to deliver a uniform spray pattern, which enhances the quality of the sandblasting finish.

Equip your sandblasting toolkit with this reliable, high-performance nozzle and experience improved productivity and reduced downtime. This robust Kennametal blast nozzle is not only a practical investment but also a cost-effective solution to meet all your sandblasting needs. Whether you are stripping rust, cleaning metal surfaces, or preparing for a paint job, trust the Kennametal XL Performance Sandblast Nozzle to deliver superior results every time.

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